From Humble Beginnings

We launched Fronana, the ice cream for everyone, on National Ice Cream Day almost 3 years ago. Since then, we have experienced amazing feedback from our biggest Fronana fans – Fronana Fronantics.  It is because of their love and support that has helped us expand our reach to even more cities around the country. We are excited to launch our online Scoop Shop in the coming weeks with the help of our Kiva loan campaign. Soon you’ll be able to send Fronanagrams of our pints to the ones you love throughout the United States!

Fronatics Make the Difference

The single factor that is responsible for our success is the energy of our Fronantics – who go out of their way to share and spread the news of our delicious frozen treat that’s made with whole fruits and natural spices.  As we continue to grow, there will be more opportunities for our Fronatics to engage with their beloved brand and help us share the love around the world.

Fronana Fronantics enjoying a pint of Fronana on a hot day

We Can’t Do It Alone

With massive changes in the food industry, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to be a part of Fronana.  Our team is inspired by our fans and their stories.  For many Fronana is the only choice for an ice cream alternative – due to a special diet or food allergy.  Others are taking to Fronana as a gateway into better, wholesome and healthier eating by cutting out the processed foods and added sugars you find in traditional ice cream.

Dedicated to Healthy Food

Our commitment is always to craft – not engineer – simple, wholesome foods for life.  We are driven by knowing the more people we can inform about the effects healthy eating has on our health and wellness, the longer and happier people will live. If you love Fronana, help us spread the love and don’t hesitate to share a pint with a friend this summer!