Our Adventure began in 2011 when our Founder, Bobby, was in pilot training in the Air Force.

He had just graduated from the Air Force Academy and was stationed at Columbus AFB, MS. Since he was now officially an “adult” Bobby decided he could make his own meal decisions and settled on beer and pizza.

And it was FANTASTIC.

Until he had to take the fitness test.

Needless to say, his performance was lackluster. So he decided to change some things about his life and his diet and cut out processed foods and added sugar.  He still had a huge sweet tooth, though, and was eating lots of fruit and smoothies to quell it.

One day he stumbled on a magical property of frozen bananas and the rest is history.

Bobby and pilot training didn’t get along very well (turns out being a pilot requires landing), but his Air Force career didn’t end there. He retrained to be Scientist and was stationed at Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton, OH.

After the government shut down in 2013, the DoD decided to cut 60% of the scientists from his career field. Bobby enjoyed working for the Air Force Research Labs, so when he found out he was among the lieutenants being laid off, he weighed his options.

After having spent a few years sharing what would become Fronana with his friends and family, he decided to see if other people would like it, too.

So on July 20th 2014, he launched the first FronanaMobile at the Third on 3rd Outdoor Market and the reception was encouraging.

Exactly one year later, on National Ice Cream Day in 2015, we opened the Fronana Scoop Shop and Creamery at 27 W. First St in downtown Dayton.

A lot has changed in the last 18 months, but one thing hasn’t: our commitment to quality and pursuit of excellence.