Floats Kit


FroMosas are one of the funnest ways to enjoy Fronana! This kit includes everything you need to make your brunch a blast!



Fronana Floats are a great way to enjoy Fronana. Grab pair of pint glasses, drop in a scoop of Rich Dark Chocolate or Wildberry Whirl Fronana and top with your favorite soda, root beer, sparkling cider or dark beer for a Fronana Float that you and your guests will love!

Our kit includes:

2 pints of RIch Dark Chocolate Fronana

2 Pints of Wildberry Whirl Fronana

Serving Suggestion Recipe Card

Pairing Recommendations

We recommend pairing the Wildberry Whirl with: Creme Soda, sparkling cider, or dry hard cider. We recommend pairing the Rich Dark Chocolate with: Creme Soda, sparkling cider, dry hard cider, chocolate porter, or coffee stout. See our blog and recipes for more recipe ideas

**alcohol not included** (sorry)


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 8 x 8 in